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How not to clean your computer

Wow…nothing stops a blog faster than these three elements mixed in a blender…a laptop, a frosty glass of ice water and a 3 year old. When these three elements came together this afternoon I had to do a lot of deep breathing exercises to keep my head from popping off. Pictures, special emails, the blog history, the originals to the Relay magazine covers, all sorts of things lost…potentially permanently….it makes me scream a little in my brain just thinking of it. Even after Peter and I pulled out all the little screws, checked everything out and tried to get it to boot up, all it did was give us the computer equivalent to "Na Na Na Boo Boo!!"

So now I’m working on Pete’s computer…it’s a Mac..you know all those commercials about the differences between a PC and a Mac…how they make the Mac guy look all easy to work with and simple…they lie….he's very complicated and confusing. But I'll make do and with no other option it will definitely work. I'm already moving things around and organizing his computer the WAY it should be, of course…he's going to love that!

We got to go to another Tampa Bay Storm game today…it was fantastic! Pretty boring game for the first half, but they really brought their game up for the second half. We were met by Adelaine's family….which was extra fun because we got to have cake and cupcakes for her oldest brother Mason's birthday.

Did I mention that the cupcakes Angela Powell brought were Bucs cupcakes? Lots of black and red icing!! Niiice

This is what i call cupcake overload

We also had our friends the Feakes and the Flints there….apparently it was take your "F" friends to a football game day! We had 10 kids there and it was so much fun!

Eden Feakes

Emily Feakes

The girls…Rachael, Peyton, Adelaine, Emily and Eden didn't catch a single moment of game time….the most attention it got was when they'd play music everyone would dance.

Justin Flint

Nathaniel and James Flint

The boys…Nathaniel, Mason, Bowen, James and Justin all just grooved on the football and food and having lots of guy time. It was awesome!

The Expanded 6-pack!

The parents had time to talk and we enjoyed ourselves so much. Maryellen and Pete even took the boys down to the floor at the end of the game for a chance to meet some of the players and they got autographs on game towels….very cool!

Ok, how jealous are we of that beautiful thick head of hair that Adelaine's grown back…long enough for a barette!

We came home to a mellow house, just gearing up for another busy Mayhew week. Lots of school stuff, clinic on Wednesday and some really exciting stuff at the end of the week! I will share that all with you later….is the suspense just killing you?

I did get some more sad news tonight. My sweet friend Chris Toth lost her father yesterday. He had Hepetitis and received a donor liver last fall. Unfortunately, he never recovered and has been in a coma for months. He had gone home on hospice and he finally went home to be with the Lord in his new and improved Godly body. I can't help but think that he and Taylor will be meeting up there to take keep an eye on all their loved ones together in Brandon.

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

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