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I’m tired….I’m worn out…I’m going to make this brief.

Anissa = tired, RELAY-overload, house is wrecked with Relay stuff, I’m covered in a fine layer of glue and I’m hoping to get to bed and sleep enough to make up for what I’m not going to get tomorrow night.

Peter = at this very moment gluing informative sheets to a poster board for Relay…while I ponder how exactly I had planned to display these boards…hmmmmmm

Nathaniel = bummed because I’m making him go to school tomorrow and not allowing him to come help set up for Relay, unknowing that I’m secretly plotting to pull him out of school half day so that I can work him like a small pack mule!!

Rachael = sleeping soundly in the knowledge that she has been and always will be a princess.

Peyton = sleeping soundly because I drugged her out of her gourd! Yes, I gave her pain meds before bed tonight because last night she woke out of a dead sleep screaming like her pajamas were on fire. This went on for quite a while until she calmed down and the pain medication I gave her kicked in. It was miserable and freaky because it flashed me back to the nights just prior to her diagnosis when she woke up screaming from pain. That time her body was so packed with leukemia cells that she was in miserable agony….I’m praying that this time it’s simply a reaction to her medications. We are heading back to the clinic on Monday and we’ll see what the doctor has to say about all of this, it may just be a part of her neuropathy. Whatever it is, it’s painful for her and it’s painful for us to watch and not be able to do anything for her except drug her.

Please pray for good weather, a great turn out and for an improvement in Peyton’s pain situation. We are anticipating a great time and looking forward to a night to remember.

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

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