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Extreme Mayhews

Yesterday was two things happened that I could have lived without. I sacrificed myself on the alter of parental love and took the kids to see “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and I also had a “special” doctor appointment. Just in case you didn’t get that “special” reference please see the video below….I was feeling the love.

I have certifiable evidence that our kids have a death wish…or at least a Traumatic-Brain-Injury wish.

I actually had to make the statement “We don’t ever EVER EEEEVVVEEERRR use the pogo stick on the trampoline!”

Then I got to watch a beautiful collaborative effort between Rachael and Peyton. Rachael pulled Peyton around the house on a boogie board like a sled, only this board had the strap attached to Peyton’s ankle. When she stood up and walked away the board went with her, banging along the floor. Now, I want you to picture Rachael watching the board…empty, banging across the floor…just calling to her to “come, take the ride of your life, this is the chance to surf the great kitchen floor”….so she took off at a running start and took a huge leap!

She lands square on the board….Peyton’s ankle is strapped to the board…Did I mention that Rachael is over twice Peyton’s body weight?….There was this great slow-mo action as the strap pulled taut, Peyton went forward and Rachael went NOWHERE…the arms flailed, there was a valiant attempt at balance and then Peyton went face first into the floor tile.

Only 9 more days of Christmas vacation…I think we can make it without an ER run, but I wouldn’t bet money on it.


1 Comment on “Extreme Mayhews”

  1. #1 Christine
    on Dec 29th, 2007 at 6:20 pm

    Anissa, you are too funny. I saw that video and couldn't stop laughing. You are a funny gal..

    I hope everything came back good for Peyton, her blood work and spinal tap.

    Take care!