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Done for the week!

Radiation was a breeze yesterday, and I made plans with them to schedule Peyton's appointment a little later in the morning. That 7 AM appointment was just making her miserable, so this morning she was just waking up at 7 AM and she woke on her own instead of me having to do it…..that makes all the difference. We went for chemo after and it took forever to get her seen, but once they got her meds it was quick and simple. However, she was due for an echocardiogram in the afternoon and shortly after we returned to the RMH from the clinic, Peyton threw up a few times. That's not her normal gig, we've been blessed that she doesn't get sick to her stomach from the chemo, but with the chemo and radiation mix it really hit her hard. I had to call the cardiologist and reschedule her appointment….

"Peyton can't make her 3:00 appointment, she's sick from the chemo."

"Can you make it at 3:30?"

"You don't understand, she's throwing up and I'm not going to drag her out for more tests today."

"Can you bring her right now?"

"Sure, as long as you don't mind having your tech and equipment covered in vomit, I can be there in 10 minutes."


"Let me see what we have open for rescheduling her."

"That would be great. Thanks."

They were very gracious about letting me get her in the schedule for two weeks from now….but I was starting to wonder what barrel bottom they scraped this receptionist from.

So, after a nice nap, she felt fine, no more throwing up and she was ready to rock and roll to the [url=http://www.childrenscancercenter.org]Children's Cancer Center[/url]. It was an exceptionally special trip because she loves to go there and we'd get to see Daddy, Rachael and Nathaniel as well. The last few times we've been there she's been attached to my side to the point we were starting to look like some freaky conjoined twins. Surgical separation was our only option….not even potato chips could do the trick.

She had a wonderful time last night, doing crafts and actually playing with her friends. We had a great group night, four kids have finished treatment and it's always awesome news!!! I got to see Noah Fishman, who looked fantastic considering he just had major surgery. He looked skinny and a little pale, but still smiling that gorgeous grin of his and running with the rest of them the best he could.

Peyton and I finished radiation and headed to the clinic to see if she'd need the red blood cells that we thought she'd need based on yesterday's cbc, but it actually went up just a little bit. Enough that the docs sent us away transfusion-less and with the ok for the weekend. I'm figuring that means we'll be in for it the first of next week, but that's two whole days free of the clinic and the MASK.

We saw a gentleman leaving the radiologist's office this morning, he had obviously completed his treatment and he had his mask to take home with him. Peyton took one look at that mask and said "his mask has a BIG nose!" Compared to her little Asian nose, she was definitely right.

Peyton's feeling a little worn out, she's got a runny nose and a snarky cough, but the doc listened and wasn't concerned. She got her port de-accessed today for the rest of the weekend.

Pete and the kids head down today to spend the weekend with us. Tomorrow Rachael and I are making a Magic Kingdom day of mommy and me time! VERY excited about that. She's tall enough to hit all the big rides at MK, so it's perfect and we don't have to go to any of the "stupid stuff"…..that would be stuff like the "Hall of Presidents" and "Country Bear Jamboree"…she's princess castle all the way.

I am just anticipating some quality time with my kids and husband this weekend, this time has definitely given me a chance to really miss them. I think that's important sometimes.

Yard sale stuff is still in the works, I'm constantly getting calls and emails that things are getting done and prepped and I have a full suburban of stuff for the sale that was brought to me!

We are asking for special prayer for [url=http://www.caringbridge.org/fl/sydneysims/index.htm]Sydney Sims[/url] as today was her surgery day in NY. I pray that she comes through the surgery well, that the Lord guides the surgeon's hands to remove everything they possibly can to give Sydney the best chance at recovery and remission.

I am so continually thankful for all the support and love we've gotten through this site. We started it as a way to just keep people up to date on how she was doing through chemo and it has grown into this almost daily journal of what life is like when you're putting your faith in God's plans for you and can just sit back and watch where He takes you. Thank you all for encouraging us and praying for us and for being a constant source of pick-me-up when we need it.

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

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  1. #1 Karalyn
    on Jun 9th, 2007 at 10:02 am

    Enjoy your weekend Mayhews! I'm glad you all get to be together for a few days.