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Monday was Peyton’s chemo day, she goes for Vincristine every other Monday and that was the day she also started her 5 day pulse of steroids…..good times! She’s been definitely feeling the effects of both, complaining that her tummy hurts and she doesn’t feel good. Poor kid, who would?

Today we went down for our Lil Tales fix, got to spend time with our wonderful friends at the Children’s Cancer Center and just gush about the wonderful trip we had some more, as if everyone hasn’t already read about it on the site or heard me gabbing about it. I will shut up about it eventually….but it really was very cool. Ice cream every day!!

Tomorrow I’m going to a meeting for the Cure Kids Cancer Challenge, taking Peyton as the steroid phase can be unpredictable, but leaving the other two with my friend Kim to go to the free movie. Time is passing quickly and this event has so much planning and organizing to do…I have NO idea what my committee is really supposed to do, so that’s got me a little jittery. Hopefully I’ll get the lowdown on that at the meeting.

I’m so excited about all that we’re getting ready to do with the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. We’re going to have a family team walking and I’ll get the link up to our special page for that. I hope that if you’re in the area, you can come and be a part of the event that you will. Its on Sept. 29th and it’s going to be a very special day to really bring pediatric cancers to everyone’s attention.

This weekend is our Madeira Beach condo trip. In case you forgot, we got a weeklong stay at a condo donated to our family at the Fore the Kids golf tournament when the Powells got their new car. We’ve been anticipating this trip and looking forward to time with our friends, because the first weekend the dads are going to have the condo for retreat time, our family will be there during the week to enjoy it and then the moms are all going to come down the last weekend. Did I mention that the mom and dad times are completely sans kids?? SHHWEEEEEET! We love our kids desperately, but we also need our time away.

On that note, the kids start school the Monday after we get back from Madeira Beach and I am really looking forward to that. I love the freedom of summer, but it always makes me appreciate the moment they walk away from me and are at school for the day. Rachael is full on ready to go back, she misses her friends and loves school…Nathaniel misses his friends but not so much on the workload that 4th grade promises. He’s such a smart kid, I have no doubt that he’ll do find, but he’s also come by his procrastinating genes honestly and I know we’ll struggle with getting everything done.

It’s going to be nice to get back into the schedule, and I think the kids will all enjoy the separation from each other…its been a long summer for us all.

Here’s the vacation blurb from Monday….it was a slow day and sometimes those are the best.

GKTW Slideshow! Just click HERE

This was a laze around GKTW day. After breakfast we took the kids to the corral where they have horses and a pony for the kids to enjoy. Just before breakfast, GKTW sets up special character visits to the village for the families and we got to go have meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie, Mary Poppins, Pluto and Goofy. Peyton was dressed up in her Snow White costume for her photo op and was just cute as a button. So, when we hit the horseback riding, she was still in her Snow White gear and that was about the most adorable thing ever…watching Peyton riding around with her daddy in a death grip in her blue and gold dress. Rachael rode the smaller pony as well and although she wasn’t thrilled about it at first, she loved it after it was done. Nathaniel went straight for the big horses and was all ready to head to the rodeo on a professional basis after.

Horseback riding was followed by a long and playful time in the pool with the Powells and our friends the Houtzs. Annike brought her son Liem (also an ALL patient at All Childrens and a former GKTW visitor) and little girl Maya, as well as some cousins for a “Welcome Back” visit. That’s another awesome thing about living close to GKTW, we are welcome to go back at any time and just pop in for the day….swim, eat, play and have all the fun we can, but we can’t spend the night.

We’re already planning our return trips and to sneak as many friends in with us as we can.

f.r.o.G..fully relying on God

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  1. #1 Lorrin Wagner
    on Aug 8th, 2007 at 10:04 am

    Okay, so I am hoping we can be added to the list of visitors with you, it sounds incredible! Heck, we could take your kids and give you the day alone just to get into that place.

    What an adorable outfit on Peyton, I can only imagine it with her on the horse. I hope you guys have a good trip to the condo and enjoy your alone time. Hopefully you won't have any roid rages during Peyton's week and she will feel better soon. Good luck.