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A true mother's day

Mother's Day morning I floated to consciousness to the twitter of chirping birds and the melody of singing angels….gently and lovingly I was awakened to a peaceful awareness….NOT so much.

Instead, I woke up to find Peyton's face approximately 10 cm from mine, and when my eyes finally cracked open she said "You're awake, can you make me some breakfast now!?" I promised her I would, then promptly rolled over and stuck my head under the pillow. About 4 minutes later Nathaniel came in and poked me in the shoulder "Peyton wants you to get her some breakfast." Yes, I know that, I'll buy you a car if you go get her a bowl of cereal. Another few minutes went by when Rachael came in to announce that "Peyton stinks, she needs her diaper changed!"

Happy Mother's Day!

Peter had to work the night before so he was totally off the hook for sleeping in on Mother's Day, but I was still a little iffy on the kids getting up at 7 AM on Sunday to sing the "Mom Can You…" chorus line. However, once I got up they brought me handmade cards, pictures, a special pin that Nathaniel had made at school, and lots of hugs and kisses. That completely made up for the rude awakening.

Peter had to work all day as well, so I was getting the kids dressed and off to church. When I got them all into the car and sat in the drivers seat there was the sweetest card and "Mom's Coupon" booklet sitting on the dashboard. Awwwww. After church, we came home and shared dinner with my mother in law and opened more gifts and then I got one of the best gifts of the day…a nap. I love those….those are the gifts that just keep on giving!

This morning when I was getting Peyton dressed I realized how on the ball this kid really is. She counted how many bandages I had in my hand….3….and knew immediately that she was getting her leg shots this morning. This is never a pleasant discovery for her, but with the added emotional disruption of steroids, it was a struggle to keep it from becoming an all out fit. I did finally get the EMLA cream on her port and legs, but not before she gave me a super dirty look and told me "I don't love this cream. I don't love these pokies. I don't want to go to the clinic. I'm hungry." That pretty much sums up the life of a leukemia kid.

Once we got to the clinic we saw lots of our buddies, Nikki, Allie and David and her mood perked up. She fought like a crazed bear during her actual shots, but recovered well after. The big news, for me anyways, was that she made a breakthrough and actually used the potty at the clinic. Apparently she was able to overcome that fear that "i have a little booty and it will fall in that giant potty!"

Peyton has actually been making all sorts of new progress lately! She learned to write her name!

This is the front page article about the Relay for Life at Grecco Middle School in Temple Terrace.

It is a precious picture of the three of us and a great article about the event. However, take a moment and peruse the blurb about our family….notice anything interesting about the spelling of my name? Yes, AMISSA Mayhew is taking credit for all my hard work! How dare she! Regardless, I love that picture and am excited to publish Peyton's first newspaper showing.

We have lots going on this week, but the big one is that on Wednesday we go back to the clinic for more heavy duty doses of chemo in the morning and then book it down to St. Pete to meet with the radiology oncologist or oncology radiologist….I'm not sure how that one goes…to set up Peyton's radiation schedule and to grill him over all the specifics of the treatment. I'm hoping he eats his Wheaties and takes his vitamins that morning because he's sure to be needing all of his functioning brain cells that day.

In all seriousness, let's say a special prayer for all the doctors and nurses and medical staff…these people carry a heavy burden in the responsibility they bear for the care and treatment of all these kids. They give so much to the patients and families, they devote so much of themselves to being knowledgeable and understanding for families when the families are at their absolute worst….it's not an easy job, I don't envy them….I always pray for God's guiding hand on them as they lead families through the path of treatment, to give them the strength to do the heavy lifting required to administer the often painful treatments and the love to give the compassion when its needed.

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

ps. The other thing I meant to mention about Peyton's progress is that she can now take her pill medication without us having to crush it up and put it in something to mask the flavor. She just pops it in her mouth and swallows it down with little to no fuss. I know full grown adults that can't take pills….she's my hero!

2 Comments on “A true mother's day”

  1. #1 dug
    on May 14th, 2007 at 2:01 pm

    Peyton, I am so proud of you writing your name! That is awesome. We have already started praying for Peyton and her next round of treatments. Angela and I will come to provide you relief during your stay at The Ronald McDonald House. We love you guys sooooo much.

    Cancer families usually don't reach out and ask for help. While it is a fantastic gesture to offer to help, the ultimate is to just do something for them. Healthy meals, the lawn, & laundry are areas that often are most difficult to keep up with when you have a sick child. Taking the other children for a play date can be extra beneficial, freeing time for mom & dad as well as a special treat for the sibling.


  2. #2 Basi
    on May 15th, 2007 at 3:24 pm

    Hi Anissa,
    It sounds like Peyton is thriving, using the potty, writing her name! and taking her meds. Wow, she's my hero. I will continue to pray for you guys, especially for her radiation treatments.

    Keep up the good work, Amissa, just kidding.

    love, basi
    kate's mom