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A firecracker of a day!

We had a fantastic 4th of July!

We got up and headed out to the parade where we sat under a tent and the kids scrambled for candy and beads. They came home with so much parade junk (that I'll just end up throwing away in a few months) but love each and every piece. They got a good splashing from the fire trucks, totally soaked to the skin and enjoying every minute of it.

Afterwards we went out for lunch with our friends the Kennedys and Pete's mom….chaos! Then we came home and we all lapsed into a mild coma…naps are so very very good. In fact, beyond the parade fun, the great time with friends, the fireworks….the nap was by far the best part of my day.

We spent all of 2 minutes watching the fireworks from as far away as humanly possible while still being able to see the lights, but then Peyton decided it was still too loud. This from a child that can scream loud enough to cripple dogs all over our neighborhood….but the faint boom of the fireworks 4 miles away is too much for her tender ears. So, we moved to the other side of the apartment building and amazingly, she could handle the volume from there…she is such a faker.

We got home late, the kids coasted to bed after 10:30….again with the naps being the best part of the day.

Tomorrow I have a doctor appointment in the morning, my friend Kim is coming to hang with the kids so that someone can let in the washing machine repair guy Skip….seriously, if he fixes it he will be a permanent fixture on my Christmas list…and then Liz Brewer from the [url=http://www.brandonfoundation.com/]Brandon Foundation Angels Among Us program[/url] is coming to meet with me to see what kinds of things are wrong around the house that they might be able to help us with. I have a list. It's a scary list.

f.r.o.G…fully relying on God

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