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Redman Syndrome

Peyton's foot looks much better after several doses of her "we kick butt and take names" antibiotics. The swelling is almost completely gone, the redness cleared up and the actual spot of infection is the only area that is still sore to the touch. She did have an interesting afternoon when we noticed a reaction to one of the antibiotics that turned her face and ears red…Redman Syndrome…I have pictures, they're on the camera, when I get them uploaded you'll see what I mean. From the crown of her head, around her ears, down to her eyes, then around her nose and her lips, but not her cheeks, she was the color of a tomato. Wierdest thing I ever saw! I gotta tell you, not really funny, but maybe slightly amusing in a "Hey, my kid's two-toned kind of way!" They gave her some benadryl, she cleared right up, passed right out and a nice quiet afternoon was had by all.

A wonderful person came to see me today, Stacey Chubbs. She is a local mom with a son who is in remission from cancer!! Today is the first time we've met, we've only emailed a couple of times, and when she read we were in the hospital, she just packed up a little goodie basket of Peyton and me and trekked on down here. What a generous heart this woman has, and we just sat and swapped chemo war stories. We were able to talk about hardships of cancer like most people talk about the hardship of finding a parking spot at the mall, it's just become part of our every day life. I'm so thankful that this woman has been able to take her son's experience and turn it into an opportunity to help other families and reach out in love and support. What a shining example of love!

Today, Peyton and I were just walking around our floor, getting out of our room and as we passed the windows she said "It's a beauiuutiful day!" I felt a little sad that she was staring at the beautiful day from inside the glass windows, but also I appreciated seeing her eyes light up at seeing the brightness of the sun, the big fluffy clouds and looking out to watch people walk around outside. She has become very used to being at the hospital, it's surprising how fast they adjust to these changes. She knows her way around the floor and can show you to the play room, where the fish tank is, where they keep the milk and crackers, where the elevators are, and where the cabinet is that houses the puzzles. She knows how to work her bed, she's got the nurse call button system down to an art and knows that she gets certain privileges while she's here. She loves having food in bed, movies whenever she wants, cool toys to play with and different people to look at all the time. As long as they aren't trying to mess with her, she's having a great adventure.

So, we accept our adventures, in whatever form they may come. We take life's little pleasures (apparently goldfish in bed really rocks!). We roll with the punches. We await what comes next.

Hopefully, we'll be going home Tuesday morning. Dr B mentioned that it was a distinct possibility, that we would get to leave with oral antibiotics to finish up. Fingers and toes are crossed, but we also know that if we have to stay, we stay for the best of her care.

Keep this in your prayers…Peyton may have been exposed to chicken pox, which isn't the end of the world, but would be a huge pain in the heiny. So, let's just pray that she doesn't come down with any symptoms and is able to bypass that extended hospital stay.

Love and inappropriate laughing at my kid's expense,

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  1. #1 Lisa Bedrosian
    on Oct 25th, 2006 at 8:38 am

    Oh, dear Anissa, you do make me laugh. Thank you for the joy of caring and loving you and your family. I missed Racheal to help with her hair, but she looked great so I think Peter got other help or someone else is filling in! :>) I believe your laughter is a gift and your sense of humor a joy. Keep laughing and seeing Jesus in the fluffy clouds and caring nurses. I thank God for you, and the knowledge that He has a plan in all of this!

    Much love,