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Pray For Us

I hope everyone had a fantabulous Christmas and remembered exactly who is the reason for the season! Also, once again a big thank you to everyone out there who visits our site. Seeing the number of people that hit our site and follow our story is very encouraging, especially on these extremely tough days.

Today is an all day chemo event. Peyton will be a pin-cushion as she gets chemo administered through her port and spine. To top it off, we'll be starting the steroids up again. There really aren't too many words to describe what it's like to have a very strong-willed 3 year old on steroids. Picture a very short Incredible Hulk…hungry and irate. I think this steroid go around will be roughly the month of January. We didn't know what to expect the last time we were on steroids, so it hit our family fairly hard. This time around we're mentally preparing ourselves for the worst so things can only get better.

Much like you always realize there's going to have to be an end to a vacation, we realized that our "Christmas break" would end like this. So we enjoyed it to the fullest while it was here, and now it's just time to get back to work, beating Leukemia. Peyton has been very lively and full of energy thanks to our little reprieve and as much as she's been eating, I wouldn't be surprised if she grew a few inches up and out! We tend to think that this may just be her body wanting to grow now that it's not getting blasted with chemo.

So, please pray for our family to have strength, both today and through the weeks to come. Pray for Anissa to have patience and courage throughout this ordeal. Pray for Nathaniel and Rachael to have understanding as their sister will be difficult to handle. And mostly pray for Peyton to get healthy.

We're right around the 6 month mark on our treatment plan, only 2 years to go!

Love to you all


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