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Normal life

Today was Nathaniel and Rachael’s first day of school.  Nathaniel started 3rd grade and Rachael started kindergarten.  I posted new pictures in the gallery of them in their uniforms, ready and excited about a new year with their friends and teachers.  We have an amazing school that has been so supportive through last year’s health issues and with Peyton’s health this year.

Sunday, Rachael and I went to a birthday party for a friend of hers and Peter took Nathaniel to Universal Studios for a few hours of male bonding time.  Peyton stayed with her Grandma Sharon, successfully leaving mom and dad for the first time!  Nathaniel and Dad picked out the funniest shirt for Peyton.  It has the Incredible Hulk on it, and the singular word “Unpredictable”….how true how true!  It seems appropriate with her mood swings and temper due to medications, and we had to laugh as she wore it.

Just to keep things in perspective, we have a bathroom tub that’s clogged up to New Jersey and the AC went out on the family-mobile….sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.  If it can be fixed with a phone call, it ain’t that bad!

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