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Fishhawk fundraiser for Taylor Arrington

Tuesday’s Brandon News brought a story very close to my heart. There is a 6th grader student at Randall Middle School named Taylor Arrington. She’s had cancer for 3 years and still fighting the good fight! Three moms from the community who have lost children to cancer have banded together to support the Arrington family with a yard sale fundraiser to be held Saturday the 21 from 8-1 at Grace Community United Methodist Church.

The story told of brave families who faced cancer with their children and are letting the valiant spirits of those kids lead them to reach out and help others. I’ve read so many websites and stories where parents are inspired to do great good for others through the memories of their lost child.

We encourage everyone local to visit that yard sale, they’ll have bouncy things and face painting, a blood mobile for donations, and an opportunity to reach out to another family in need.

I know I’ve posted about us starting a non-profit organization to aid families like ours coping with childhood cancer, and this just drives me harder to bring something good out of all the hardship we’ve gone through. We don’t want it to have to be later in Peyton’s memory, we want it to be NOW in her honor that we take this chance to help. So, we’re encouraging everyone to send ideas for a name for a charity foundation that will be started in Peyton’s honor and we hope to be able to spread God’s love through it’s work.

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