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Dedicated Blood Donors

For those who’ve offered to donate blood when Peyton needs blood transfusions, the time is coming up soon. The doctors are predicting that she’ll need her first starting next week with her blood counts dropping rapidly since she went off the steroids and added new and powerful chemo to her treatment plan.

We set up the dedicated donor information with Florida Blood Services. However, for you to donate specifically for her, you will have to let me know in advance so that I can put you on a list, otherwise your blood will not be able to be for her. She is A+ and she will need that for red cell transfusions, but for platelet transfusions it does not have to be any specific blood type so anyone can donate. I will warn you that platelet donation is time intensive, a minimum of 90 minutes per donation.

For direct donations you have to find the Florida Blood Services closest to you, you can find a location via their website at www.fbsblood.org. You have to go to one of their buildings, you can’t donate directly at a mobile site. Please donate, if not for Peyton, please donate for the person who will need what will take so little of your time to give.

Please contact us if you’d like to go on the list as a dedicated donor and I will give you an email when she is scheduled for transfusion so you can head in during the appropriate time frame for donation.


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