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Day 16 Chemo Day

Today was the first day of chemo treatments as an out patient. Peyton did very well with it. She's very quickly developed a fear of new people. They always seem to poke and prod her with things. So we took her up to the clinic bright and early. She was very nervous about the whole thing. We took her into the doctor's office and she was fighting us tooth and nail the whole way…that is until the nurse gave her some anastesia. Once that kicked in, she even said, "I'm happy!". She got a spinal injection as well as her normal chemo.

So far her counts are looking great. The doctor says she is responding very nicely to the treatments. The chemo just wipes her out though. She's been very lethargic and sleepy all day.

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  1. #1 Lisa
    on Jul 29th, 2006 at 9:31 am

    Hugs to my little Peyton and everyone around her right now! Thanks for setting up the site so that I can stay on top of what is going on without calling and bugging you daily! lol

    I’m here whenever you need anything, you know that… but I’ll keep saying it till you take me up on the offer!

    Love to all!