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Cancer Christmas just keeps on going!

Hey, more pictures of Mayhews at a Christmas party! Whooo hoo!

Yes, we did it again, another party and it was a wonderful experience AGAIN. The American Cancer Society, All Children’s Hospital and our pediatric oncology group gave the families of the Tampa area a lovely Christmas party and a fun time of celebration for the kids. It was at the Renaissance-Vinoy in St. Pete, there were over 100 families there and we were able to spend time with our friends the Powells and Garegs.

The Powell family

The Gareg family

Precious Carly

We enjoyed a nice buffet lunch, the families all got to have some Santa time and there were sweet gifts for each child. We saw many familiar faces from the clinic and hospital, it’s amazing how this becomes a regular part of your life, these people become friends and you form special bonds. We become a family.

Adelaine and Peyton were both in happy spirits, smiling and playing throughout the afternoon.

Angela and Mason

Peyton and I, and Adelaine and Angela even the got to do the Hokey Pokey and the Chicken Dance together….so glad Pete didn’t figure out how to get the video capture working on the camera for that little bit. I guess God really does answer little prayers! Hahaha

This week was full of fun, Nathaniel and Rachael both had Christmas parties in their classes on Friday and Peyton went with her grandma so that I could attend. It was wonderful to be there with them, they are both such amazing kids who’ve coped with me being absent for many of their functions this year, and I was thrilled to be able to share this day with them. They only had a half day that day, so we went to the mall and had a nice lunch together and did some Christmas shopping and just indulged in time together.

We are looking forward to this upcoming vacation time as an opportunity to sleep in and have some fun. We have a clinic visit on Monday to see how Peyton’s blood counts are doing and that should set the tone for the majority of our vacation. Any way it goes, we are going to have a great Christmas and be truly thankful for all the blessings we continue to receive.

I want to thank all those who continue to pray for Peyton’s health, as so many have been sick around us lately. During the last weeks of school there were multiple illnesses, very contagious and serious sicknesses, and my kids didn’t bring home so much as a sniffle. God has certainly protected her and kept her safe from the germs and out of the hospital and for that we are so grateful. I know she would not be doing as well as she is if it weren’t for the prayers and support of our loved ones.

f.r.o.G….fully relying on God

ps…we had a great laugh about the way the ACH managed to absolutely mangle our kids' names…Peyton Mayhew and Adelaine Powell…can't be that hard to spell right??

pss…as I am almost always the photographer, I never get to BE in the pictures. So this picture was taken by my friend Jennifer Fletcher at the kid's school on the day that the moms gave Peyton her extra-special birthday party. I LOVE this picture and my heart just about melted into a little puddle. Thank you, Jennifer, for taking it and making sure I got a copy!

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