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This entire post is just another form of procrastination

What I Should Be Doing: Pack up all our belongings Arrange for a contractor to fix the scary stairs of death in the GA house Get appliances for the house here in FL so our renters can do things like…oh…say, BAKE things or WASH their dishes Planning the color schemes and painting plans to have [...]

To reveal or not to reveal

Most of the people who know I write a blog fall into very specific categories: Those who knew me before I blogged, so it doesn’t surprise them that I lay out all of my life for public consumption Those who met me as I was starting to blog, so it seems like I’ve always done [...]

Waiting for the chocolate hangover to wear off

Lost in my translations

I am so excited to get this move under way…if by excited you mean I nearly break down into tears at the very thought of having to start stuffing boxes full of our belongings. I have been so productive lately…if by productive you mean I spent the better part of two hours on Google so [...]

How to ensure your realtor will report you to Child Protective Services

*I would like to just preface this entire post with the details that the night before we went on this house-hunting extraveganza the kids got into bed at almost 12:30 in the AM and they were all feeling more than a LITTLE stab-y the next day during our precious time with the realtor.  After turning [...]